Eat your apples correctly people, don’t waste a perfectly good core or the seeds its all delicious :)
Black tea lemonade and banana chips….holy shit I’m in Nirvana!!!!
So fresh and so clean :I
Great labor day weekend :) hung with the gf and the bros, had a badass condo, and I saw showtek for free. #hashtag
This is the only thing I want. #earlsweatshirt #doris drops tomorrow. Fuck Kendrick fuck Danny fuck eminem. Earl gets the early worm!
Still going hard hehehe >:)
Made a delicious cheesecake with the lovely @amelie_garcia
I’m such a Joey’s last name B-\ #1999 #joeybada$$ seriously amazing flow and untouchable rhymes.
That moment when you realize that your	DEA brother in law found out you’re a Meth Lord. -_- #damnson